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$12500 paid to winners so far 

Rooted in innovation. On the forefront of
direct response.

Our CEO, Iman Foroutan, personally holds multiple patents. He has gone through the processes of inventing, securing patents, developing and marketing his ideas and products. He has experienced the hope, the heartbreak and, finally, the success.

At DRTV Inc., Iman has brought together the best in the business to create a way for inventors and product managers to help avoid disappointing delays, expensive mistakes and endless pitches, while providing a clear path for product launch and campaign success. With Iman's leadership, DRTV Inc. takes the stress off the inventor’s shoulders, making the process of product marketing fun and enriching.

Meet the team

Iman Foroutan

Chairman & CEO

Dean Hamilton

Advisory Board Member

Adam Carrillo

Advisory Board Member

Murray Brannen

Advisory Board Member

Rose Buado

Advisory Board Member

Christian Brantley

Advisory Board Member

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