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10 tips from DRTV Inc.

1 Make sure it solves a problem
Your product should really solve a problem that troubles a lot of folks. It's even better if you can show the consumer that they already "secretly" struggle with this problem.

2 Demonstrate it
You must be able to show the uniqueness and effectiveness of your product in a way that inspires lots of "ooohs," "aaahs" and "wows"! On TV, the demonstration and results are key… and, don't stop at "good"! Make sure the results are almost unbelievable and the demo is complete, with no question about if it works, only how it works.

3 Tell a story
What's the story behind your product? Why did you create it? Do family, friends, fans or celebrities love it?

4 Be realistic about margin and pricing
Most DRTV products are priced between $19.95 and $100 and need a wide margin for TV media and distribution. Be sure your product can be manufactured for under 20% of the suggested selling price. More expensive items can work on TV, but the value will have to be proven.

5 Be flexible
As an inventor you are probably as close to your product as you are to your spouse and kids. Be open to product "tweaks" like design, materials and color changes. Manufacturing and shipping to the masses may require a few adjustments; be open to expert opinions.

6 Learn
Look at competitors in your product category. How are they different? Does your product deliver "better sameness," or does it represent a significant improvement? Be sure nothing similar to your product is readily available in retail, because DRTV campaigns usually start off "not available in retail".

7 Make it believable and easy to understand
Does it take a genius to figure out how your product functions? Its value needs to be easy to recognize, and it needs to be simple to operate. Although you want to stand out, the few seconds or minutes your product has on TV won't be enough to explain a complex system. Furthermore, the problem solving promise must be believable.

8 Don't forget quality
Consumers can recognize a shoddy product on TV; and if they order and find it to be chintzy, they are quick to make returns. Be sure quality is built in and you can prove any performance claims you make.

9 Create upsells and line extensions
Can your product be made in multiple sizes? Are there attachments that can improve attributes, performance and marketability? Offering complementary or companion products with your main item increases profitability.

10 Don't give up!
Direct Response takes time testing, fine-tuning and building momentum to hit big sales volumes. It's actually a science. Once you do find the right direct response partner, be patient. It takes work! If it were easy, everyone would be a millionaire. That's why you need the right partner and thoughtful preparation.